Arctic Trucks Experience Product Offering Update

Arctic Trucks Experience is no longer renting out 4×4 trucks

As fun as it has been, now, due to operational costs of doing so, we no longer offer our 4×4 rentals. Even though these machines are built to withstand the toughest of terrain, the most challenging of conditions, there is still kryptonite out there for the trucks.

As they are built for specific use they are very sensitive to improper use and wrong application of the mechanisms to the terrain they encounter will magnify the maintenance costs exponentially.

We encourage our fellow 4×4 adventurers to join our private tours and simply select, the “30 minute driving time” upgrade. Here you will be allowed time at the wheel under the safe guidance of our seasoned expert super jeep drivers and guides. We will continue to service and operate overland trips, where guides, and guide vehicles will accompany the group, but we will include an instructor in each vehicle except in rare occasions and under special agreements.

In saying so, we are incredibly excited for the times ahead of us and the prospect of exploring the arctic regions with you all!