Glacier Camp Experience

A 2 day Arctic Truck adventure where you drive on one of Europe‘s largest glaciers and camp on the glacier! A trip that will meet your adventures needs and provide you with some of Iceland‘s most breathtaking beauty!

Kerlingarfjöll Experience

A 2 day Arctic Truck adventure to Kerlingarfjöll, the hidden mountain gem between two glaciers! Visit beautiful places and test the power of the Super truck.

Landmannalaugar Experience

A 2 day adventure to the Landmannalaugar, the Icelandic highland paradise. We get aboard on the Polar vehicles and will be travelling to the most special area our backyard has to offer.

Mountain Hut Experience

The ultimate highland experience on the Arctic Trucks. This is a 3 day trip where you get to experience most of what the Icelandic highlands has to offer!

The Long Weekend

A 3 day long weekend in Iceland driving the Arctic Trucks modified Toyota Hilux or Toyota Land Cruiser. The Arctic Trucks Team will teach you how to drive in different conditions, airing down the tires, driving through rivers and in other off-road conditions. 

Valley of Thor Experience

A 2 day Super Truck adventure to the Thorsmork valley. A drivie between two glaciers on rutted tracks and crossing few unbridged glacier rivers before arriving at the valley. 

Volcano tour - Holuhraun

An amazing Volcanic adventure in Iceland, 2 Day tour to see the lava fields from the 2015 eruption at Holuhraun north of Vatnajökull glacier.


Arctic Trucks Experience

Only few people have had the opportunity to sit behind the wheel of a powerful 4x4 in one of the world’s most unique places. Arctic Trucks has now made it possible to experience the remote areas of Iceland in guided self-drive tours, driving cars like those used in the well-known BBC television show Top Gear, in their journey to the Magnetic North Pole.

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