Arctic Trucks has participated in some major expedition projects outside of Iceland. The first one was an expedition to the Antarctica, organized by the Swedish Polar Institute in cooperation between Sweden, Norway and Finland in 1997/1998.


Here you can get more detailed information about the expedition to Antarctica in 1997/1998





In the spring of 1999 Arctic Trucks took part in an expedition across the Greenland icecap, where the participants drove in the footsteps of Fridtjov Nansen, the first man ever to cross the Greenland icecap.

Here you can get more detailed information about the expediton across Greenland icecap in 1999.







In January 2000 an Arctic Trucks Land Cruiser was shipped to the United Arab Emirates to see how it would perform in the deserts of the Middle East. The trip was a great success and the experience and knowledge gained from it has proved invaluable. We proved that the AT concept, at first glance, can function in the desert just as well as in the arctic regions of the world


Here you can get more detailed information about the cars performance in Dubai.






In december 2007 Arctic Trucks modified two Toyota Hilux vehichles for an expedition with BBC Television‘s Top Gear show, Toyota GB and Polar Challenge to the Magnetic North Pole. Three of Arctic Trucks employees joined this expedition as drivers and mechanics.

Here you can get more detailed information about the Top Gear expedition to the Magnetic North Pole in 2007.







The latest project of Arctic Trucks was an expedition to the South Pole where our cars served as support vehicles in the „Amundsen Omega 3 Polar Race“. Arctic Trucks modified four Toyota Hilux vehicles for this expedition.

Here you can get more detailed information about the Antarctica expedition in 2008.






These expeditions are unique since it is the first time 4X4 vehicles were driven in these regions. Expeditions are of great importance to Arctic Trucks, enabling us to increase our level of knowledge and the overall quality of our modification work.


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